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** THIS LISTING IS FOR THE CLOUD BOX! A stationery surprise box that will include BOTH the Journal & Minimal Collection from the Cloud Mail ** 
**You do not need to purchase the Cloud Mail Collections if you opt to purchase the Cloud Box (unless you want multiples of the collection (; )**
**Please read the information below before check out!**
**Must be purchased separately or items ordered with the Cloud Box will be shipped out together!!**


  • Listing is available for Pre Purchase from the 15th to 30th of every month until Sold Out, whichever comes first. Items in the Cloud Box are heavily discounted and only some of the items will be available for a la carte 2-3 weeks after ship out date 
  • Ship out date is 20th-25th of the following month (i.e. March Cloud Subscription sign up will be February 15th and will ship out March 20th) 
  • You have the option of a ONE TIME purchase, therefore you will only be charged a one time fee per Cloud Box OR sign up for an auto charge up to THREE MONTHS and receive 10% OFF. Future Cloud Box purchases must be purchased on/or during Pre Purchase time frames. 
  • Auto charges will be charged on the day you sign up for the subscription and CAN NOT be cancelled. 
  • Shipping is not included 
  • Coupons/discounts can not be combined with any Cloud Box order(s)
  • Sneak Peek photo is shown*
  • Ordering both Cloud Mail Journaling and Minimal Collection when the Cloud Box is sold out will not guarantee the additional items to be shipped along with your order. 


  • CLOUD BOX may include 10-12 never before seen items! (Items may include sticker sheets in matte white or transparent paper, memopads, planner cards and trinkets! Not all items in the Cloud Box will be able for a la carte.) 


Customer Reviews

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Shara Nguyen

You never want to miss out on these boxes. There's always a sneak preview of what's going to come. I love getting the little extra bits from buying the whole box. Sometimes I like to journal and sometimes I like to have some minimal stickers. It's great to match both planner and journal with the same themes.

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