HighPaperClouds Loyalty Program 


Receive a Deluxe Goodie Bag Happy Mail when you receive ALL 10 Cloud Stamp Stickers!* 

  • You will receive a Loyalty Stamp Card when you place a new order! (beginning Feb 24th, 2021)
  • You will receive ONE stamp card sticker per order, per day
  • as of January 2023, Cloud Box orders will receive 2 Cloud Stamp stickers and Cloud Mail will receive 1 Cloud Stamp sticker. Please note that ordering both Collections from the Cloud Mail will only allow you 2 Cloud Stamps. 
  • Cloud Stamp Sticker(s) is exclusive from HighPaperClouds. Any suspected fraudulence of any stickers will result to loss of loyalty privilege and banned from shopping at HighPaperClouds
  • You must be a newsletter subscriber to receive the goodie bag happy mail

How To Receive Goodie Bag Happy Mail: 

  1. Got all TEN? Snap a photo of your filled Loyalty card and email highpaperclouds@gmail.com with the subject "Loyalty
  2. Please include your First and Last Name and your current shipping address
  3. Please allow 3-4 weeks of verification before you receive a follow up email to confirm your current shipping address
  4. Once you complete the shipping address confirmation, you will receive a tracking number

& Viola! Your Goodie Bag will be all yours along with a new Loyalty Card! 


*Cloud Stamps can NOT be replaced when lost. Loyalty Cards are given when you place a new order*

*You are allowed to redeem up to 3 Loyalty bags per year*

** 2022 Cloud Stamps can not be redeemed in 2023 with the exception of November 2022 stamps that can be combined with 2023 purchases.**