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Receive a Deluxe Goodie Bag Happy Mail when you receive ALL 10 Cloud Stamp Stickers!* 

  • You will receive a Loyalty Stamp Card when you place a new order. You will receive ONE stamp card sticker per order, per day.
  • as of January 2023, Cloud Box orders will receive 2 Cloud Stamp stickers and Cloud Mail will receive 1 Cloud Stamp sticker. Please note that ordering both Collections from the Cloud Mail will only allow you 2 Cloud Stamps. 
  • Cloud Stamp Sticker(s) is exclusive from HighPaperClouds. Any suspected fraudulent of any stickers will result to loss of loyalty privilege and banned from shopping at HighPaperClouds
  • You must be a newsletter subscriber to receive the goodie bag happy mail

How To Receive Goodie Bag Happy Mail: 

  1. Got all TEN? Snap a photo of your filled Loyalty card and email with the subject "Loyalty
  2. Please include your First and Last Name and the order number you wish to receive your freebie items.
  3. Once we verify your stamp redemption, you will receive a tracking number via your open order! 

& Viola! Your Goodie Bag will be all yours along with a new Loyalty Card! 


*Cloud Stamps can NOT be replaced when lost. Loyalty Cards are given when you place a new order*

*You are allowed to redeem up to 3 Loyalty bags per year*

** Cloud Stamps do not expire. VIP status will last for one whole year. You will lose VIP status after a year from your last loyalty redemption.**