The HighPaperClouds Cloud Mail is a monthly Pre Purchase Surprise Subscription. The Cloud Mail has TWO options to choose from: Minimal Collection & Journal Collection! You will have the option to purchase ONE or BOTH of the Collections! 



What is Pre Purchase?  

A pre-purchase is an order you place for a product that has not been released and shipped at a later date for which you will be charged for immediately.


When is Pre Purchase available? 

Pre Purchase opens the 24th of every month for the following month for 14 days and ship out date will be on the 15th. 


Is it available internationally?



Are PR coupons valid with the Cloud Mail?

No coupons are valid with the Cloud Box.


Will there be sneak peeks of the items?

Yes! Theme/color palette will be announced the week Pre Purchase opens! Follow us on Instagram for more exclusive sneak peeks @highpaperclouds 


Will Cloud Mail items be available for a la carte? 

Yes! Items in both the minimal collection and journal collection will be available for a la carte 2-3 weeks after the ship out date. 


 ** Please note that ordering both collections of the Cloud Mail when the Cloud Box slots are sold out will NOT guarantee the 1-2 additional items to be added to your purchase. Slots are limited due to exclusive items & materials purchased during the Pre Purchase. ** 

Please email for any questions or concerns.