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The HighPaperClouds Cloud Mail is a monthly Pre Purchase Surprise Subscription. The Cloud Mail has TWO options to choose from: Minimal Collection & Journal Collection! You will have the option to purchase ONE or BOTH of the Collections! 



What is Pre Purchase?  

A pre-purchase is an order you place for a product that has not been released and shipped at a later date for which you will be charged for immediately.


When is Pre Purchase available? 

Cloud Subs are available between the 1st-14th and will ship out the 25th of the month. Example: August Cloud subs will open from 08/01-08/14 and will ship out on 08/25. 


Is it available internationally?



Are PR coupons valid with the Cloud Mail?

No coupons are valid with the Cloud Box.


Will there be sneak peeks of the items?

Yes! Theme/color palette will be announced the week Pre Purchase opens! Follow us on Instagram for more exclusive sneak peeks @highpaperclouds 


Will Cloud Mail items be available for a la carte? 

Yes! Items in both the minimal collection and journal collection will be available for a la carte 2-3 weeks after the ship out date. 


 ** Please note that ordering both collections of the Cloud Mail when the Cloud Box slots are sold out will NOT guarantee the 1-2 additional items to be added to your purchase. Slots are limited due to exclusive items & materials purchased during the Pre Purchase. ** 

Please email for any questions or concerns. 



updated on 07/2023*