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What is a Cloud Box?

The HPC Cloud Box is a stationery surprise box! It's filled with all things planner, journaling and supplies you didn’t know you need. Items inside the Cloud BOX are filled with both Journaling & Minimal Collection from the Cloud Mail plus 1-2 more items that will not be in the separate collections.


What items are included in the box? 

The box will include items from BOTH the Journal & Minimal Collection Cloud Mail plus an additional 1-2 items that will not be sent if you purchase the separate collection. (sample items may include: sticker sheets and kits, notecards, special paper, trinkets & more!



A pre-purchase is an order you place for a product that has not been released and shipped at a later date for which you will be charged for immediately. Like a subscription but with no monthly commitment.


When is Pre Purchase available? 

Cloud Subs are available between the 1st-14th and will ship out between the 25th of the month. Example: August Cloud subs will open from 08/01-08/14 and will ship out on 08/25. 


How much is the Cloud Box?

The Cloud Box is $30.00 + shipping. Cloud Box prices may vary depending on theme and collection. 


Is it available internationally?



Are PR coupons valid with the Cloud Box?

No coupons are valid with the Cloud Box.


Will there be sneak peeks of the items inside the box?

Yes! Theme/color palette will be announced week of Pre Purchase and little sneaks peeks weeks leading up to the shipping date!


 updated on 07/2023*